5 Key Attributes for Translating Your Ideas Into Money

Checkmate - The ultimate victory in the strategic game of chess, a timeless competition dating back to the 6th century. Coach John Whitt has combined the strategic thought process he developed playing competitive chess with his multi decade business experience in project management and business coaching to deliver a proven process that will help business owners convert their ideas into revenue. Checkmate is an easy to ready, easy to follow introduction into the practical application of proven business principles and five key attributes for success that Coach John has created and refined as essential for business to thrive.

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"Just as you win at chess by knowing the rules and thinking ahead, Checkmate provides the reader with a foundation and planning format for what it takes to win in the marketplace. Practical and useful coaching advice for anyone who wants to move to the next level in their business or organization."

-Constantino Salios

The Barnabas Group

John Whitt has been in the coaching practice one way or the other for over sixteen years. For the last six years, John has been a part of the FocalPoint Coaching team, which is powered by Brian Tracy.

John identifies himself as a "DIY guy." Growing up with wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, drills, lathes, etc., he learned to use tools to create tools. While most people pay someone else to fix something, John is comfortable fixing, creating, and building it all himself. Realizing how comfortable he is with change, he realized he wasn't like most people. It was this discovery that led John to get into coaching and helping people make changes.